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  Server Information  
below are actual photos of the equipment we use. all of the hardware shown is state of the art professional grade.
  Performance & Stability are a necessary part of any network. Our network servers are multi-homed with multiple fiber-optic connections to the internet. We have the highest uptime rating in the industry at 99.9%. Our server is capable of handling high volumes of internet traffic with the speed & stability our clients expect and demand.  
  SBC Diverse Path OC-48 Fiber
OC-48 Flashwave 4500 Fiber connectivity to our facility is supplied by an SBC OC-48 diverse path fiber optic sonet ring. Featuring level 7 path diversity our sonet ring has multiple entry points into our server as well as connectivity directly to multiple carrier offices. There is no shared physical path at any point in the entire sonet loop. This design allows for uninterrupted service even in the event of a fiber cut, or other direct CO equipment failure. Our optical equipment is capable of supporting multiple OC-192 connections
  Cisco GSR 12000 Border Routers
Our network connectivity begins at our border layer which connects directly to our Tier 1 service providers as well as our network core. Our reliance on multiple devices each with internally redundant systems ensures the highest levels of reliability. Each Cisco GSR is capable of independently routing 60 gigabits of data at wire rate while isolating any fault risk to each independent line card. Connections to the core are derived independently enabling yet another layer of redundancy and performance load balancing
  Cisco 6509 Sup720 Core Network
Our fully redundant network core handles bandwidth aggregation and routing for the entire network. Each Cisco 6509 Sup720 is capable of routing up to 400 million packets per second with a total capacity of 720 gigabits per second each. This layer is fully redundant with each unit possessing the ability to route the entire core in the event of a device hardware or software failure. Core failure recovery is a nearly instantaneous process and is fully automated by the self-healing core elements
  Hosting Resellers  
  NOVAWEB INTERNET reseller program offers webmasters an opportunity to make money. Our reseller program starts with your own site at our normal rate. You will have access to your own WEB HOST MANAGER where you can setup your clients accounts. You the reseller will support & answer any questions your customers have.  
  We will bill you each month for every account that you setup on our server, thus giving you the ability to charge any price you want for hosting.  
  You will also be given a Generic DNS Server Alias to use with your hosted sites so your customers do not even have to know about us. This approach will allow you to appear to be the actual server that is hosting them.  
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 Storage Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
 Monthly Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
 Email Accounts 0 Unlimited Unlimited
 Try It Before You Buy It webhosting! yes yes No
 NEW! Anti-Spam Filtering No yes yes
 Mailing List no Unlimited Unlimited
 SQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
 Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
 Parked Domains 0 8 12
 Add On Domains 0 8 12
 FTP Accounts 0 8 12
 FrontPage Support Yes Yes Yes
 Shell Access Yes Yes Yes
 CGI Access Yes Yes Yes
 Web Mail No Yes Yes
 Password Protected Areas Yes Yes Yes
 SSL Secure Server Yes Yes Yes
 SSH Secure Shell Access Yes Yes Yes
 Perl5, TCL, Python, Java Yes Yes Yes
 Real Audio/Video Support Yes Yes Yes
 Hot Link Protection Yes Yes Yes
 Virus Scan Yes Yes Yes
 Leech Protect Yes Yes Yes
 Custom Error Pages Yes Yes Yes
 Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
 WHM (Web Host Manager) Control Panel N/A N/A Yes
 Setup Fee No No No
 Monthly Fee [?] FREE $  7.49 $  12.95
 Yearly Fee (Plus Tax Inside Texas) N/A $ 89.88 $155.40
      (New Price)
  Add On Packages Included  
 FEATURE   Demos   Business Resellers
 b2evolution   N/A   Yes Yes
 Nucleus   N/A   Yes Yes
 pMachine Free  License Required N/A   Yes Yes
 Word Press   N/A   Yes Yes
 Geeklog   N/A   Yes Yes
 Joomla N/A Yes Yes
 Mambo Open Source   N/A   Yes Yes
 PHP-Nuke   N/A   Yes Yes
 Post-Nuke   N/A   Yes Yes
 TYPO3   License Required N/A   Yes Yes
 Xoops   N/A   Yes Yes
 osTicket   N/A   No Yes
 Perl Desk   License Required N/A   No Yes
 PHP Support Tickets   N/A   No Yes
 Support Logic Help Desk   N/A   No Yes
 Support Services Manager   N/A   No Yes
 Crafty Syntax Live Help   N/A   No Yes
 Help Center Live   N/A   No Yes
 YaBB   N/A   Yes Yes
 PHP BB2   N/A   Yes Yes
 SMF   N/A   Yes Yes
 Agora Cart   N/A   Yes Yes
 Cube Cart  License Required N/A   Yes Yes
 OS Commerce   N/A   Yes Yes
 Zen Cart   N/A   Yes Yes
 FAQ Master Flex   N/A   Yes Yes
 Advanced Guestbook   N/A   Yes Yes
 Viper Guestbook   N/A   Yes Yes
 Account Lab Plus  License Required N/A   No Yes
 PHP Coin   N/A   No Yes
 4 Images Gallery  License Required N/A   Yes Yes
 Coppermine Photo Gallery   N/A   Yes Yes
 Gallery   N/A   Yes Yes
 MAILING LIST          
 PHP List   N/A   Yes Yes
 POLLS & SURVEYS          
 Advanced Poll   N/A   Yes Yes
 PHP ESP   N/A   Yes Yes
 PHP Surveyor   N/A   Yes Yes
 dot Project   N/A   No Yes
 PHProjekt   N/A   No Yes
 TikiWiki   N/A   Yes Yes
 OTHER SCRIPTS          
 CGI Counter   N/A   Yes Yes
 CGI Clock   N/A   Yes Yes
 PHP My Chat   N/A   Yes Yes
 Dew-New PHP LINKS   N/A   Yes Yes
 Moodle   N/A   Yes Yes
 Noah's Classifieds   N/A   Yes Yes
 Open-Realty   N/A   Yes Yes
 PHP Ads New   N/A   Yes Yes
 PHP Auction   N/A   Yes Yes
 Web Calendar   N/A   Yes Yes
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  Power Systems Overview  
    Powerware 9315 UPS
Our power systems feature extensive fault tolerance and resilience at every layer. Incoming service is routed underground to a dedicated on-site transformer. This system routes to our transfer switch junction which also connects to our power generation facilities. Our primary UPS is a 300kva Powerware 9315 featuring redundant battery cabinets and a full maintenance bypass allowing for service and upgrades without interruption of power to our servers. Liebert Precision power distribution units handle final power transformation and distribution to racks.
    Cummins Generator
Generator backup services are provided to our Server by a Cummins 313kVa Diesel Generator featuring over 24 hours of autonomous runtime before requiring refueling. Generator power is activated automatically in the event of a grid failure by the transfer switch. The intermediate load is capable of being handled for over an hour by the UPS, however this is not necessary as the generator is active and up to speed within 16 seconds of a power failure.
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